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Charismatic Cousins

A show with music, color, comedy, balloons, pianos, singing, audience participation, magic, and fun, Just Becausin' boasts something that most other shows can't...that it is entertaining for audiences of ANY age.  

Variety Artists S. Frank Stringham and Tamsyn Spackman have performed for a number of audiences and for people from all over the world using their many varied and unique talents which include comedy, singing, balloon artistry, magic,  and dueling pianos. Their credits, both individually and together, include entertaining Fortune 500 companies, most Las Vegas casinos, and other theaters around the world. Favorites at the internationally attended Balloon Jam of Utah, they have quickly become the way to impress corporate audiences as well as being the "Keynote" Entertainers for after lunch, or the evening time perpetrators of pageantry.

They are a true power couple.  S. Frank has been on "America's Got Talent," has run away and joined the circus, and has performed on stages  all over the world including Europe and Asia. Tamsyn has a degree in vocal performance and has performed in various stage  productions, concerts, and recitals. When they first met, they discovered quickly that they were cousins and they have subtly integrated that into the show.

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Just Becausin' Performs For:

* Corporate Events *
* Conventions *

* Training Functions *
* School Assemblies *

* Celebratory Advents *
* Weddings/Anniversaries *

* Cruise Ships *
* All Holiday Festivities *

Dueling Pianos

(If you don't have two pianos at your disposal, that's OK...we have
two electric piano keyboards
that we can bring - they're not as impressive as the real thing,
but they still work for the show.)

Music and Balloons

Both S. Frank and Tamsyn are master balloon artists and they combine their musical talents with the balloons.

Fun and Fascinating!

Audience Participation

OK, OK, we have to admit that it's
just as fun watching the audience play
as it is for us to play...and we
give them many chances to do so.

Balloon Magicians

Both S. Frank and Tamsyn like to
dabble in the mystical balloon world of magic (yes, there is such a thing)
and it is fun to amaze the audience.

Comedy Out the Wazoo

Not only are S. Frank and Tamsyn naturally funny, they have also put together a fun/funny balloon game show that will keep you guessing and in stitches all at the same time.

A Variety Show with Two Pianos, Comedy, Music, Balloons, Singing, Audience Participation, and a Touch of Magic!

What Others Are Saying

Alice Clark
Director of Marketing 
BC Productions

Sophisticated, intelligent, and clean humor, acceptable to all ages.  But it is a disservice to call this show just humor, I flat out roared until I had tears in my eyes!  

As a motivator to wind down and get creative, I can think of nothing better!

Paige Defrin Candee
Fundraising, Development and Volunteer Management Coordinator, 
Make-A-Wish Foundation of So. Nv.

On behalf of the Make-A-Wish Foundation...I would like to thank you for your... performance, the kids loved it!

Cara Crawley
Rocky Mountain College Activities, 
Rocky Mountain College

Good Job! I...was impressed with your creativity.  Thanks so much!

Dr. Peter J. Pizor

Thanks for a wonderful show.  You were sensitive to my guests, funny, and thoroughly professional. I heard only strongly positive comments and requests for your contact information.  It was enjoyable, uplifting, and fun.

Diana Habovstak
Owner B.E.N.N. Balloon Entertainment

It is the finest family-friendly show. I laughed and I had lots of fun memories from the songs they sang. A show that will give you the best feeling ever. A show that brings back the vaudeville atmosphere that has been lost.

​Sheryl Gillian
Holladay Arts Council

Just Becausin' was a resounding success for the Holladay Arts Council! They were corny, energetic, and creative. They are both talented singers and pianists and they know how to actively engage an audience. Kids and adults alike were enthusiastically participating and laughing along with them and their balloon creations. A good time was had by all!

​Sona Schmidt-Harris
City Journals

A combination of singing, balloon artistry, magic, humor and audience participation moved the show along at a lively pace.

When S. Frank and Tamsyn first met each other and found out that not only were they BALLOON ARTISTS and PIANISTS and SINGERS and COMIC MAGICIANS, but they were also COUSINS, they knew that they needed to perform together.

The world is very happy that they did just becausin' they're fun, funny, musical and VERY entertaining!

So get ready for a toe-tapping and knee-slapping good time!