An Amazing
Family Friendly
Variety Show

When S. Frank and Tamsyn first met each other and found out that not only were they BALLOON ARTISTS and PIANISTS and SINGERS and COMIC MAGICIANS, but they were also COUSINS, they knew that they needed to perform together.

The world is very happy that they did just becausin' they're fun, funny, musical and VERY entertaining!

So get ready for a toe-tapping and knee-slapping good time!

Just Becausin' Performs For:

  • ​Corporate Events
  • Conventions
  • Training Functions
  • Business Wins
  • Celebratory Advents
  •  Weddings/Anniversaries
  • ​CEO Birthday Party
  • ​All Holiday Festivities

Dueling Pianos

(Of course we can use just ONE piano if you don't have access to two pianos...but it's a lot more fun if we have two pianos.)

Music and Balloons

Both S. Frank and Tamsyn are master balloon artists and they combine their musical talents with the balloons. Fun and Fascinating!

Audience Participation

OK, OK, we have to admit that it's just as fun watching the audience play as it is for us to play...and we give them many chances to do so.

Balloon Magicians

Both S. Frank and Tamsyn like to dabble in the mystical balloon world of magic (yes, there is such a thing) and it is fun to amaze the audience.

Comedy Out the Wazoo

Not only are S. Frank and Tamsyn naturally funny, they have also put together a fun/funny balloon game show that will keep you guessing and in stitches all at the same time.

There is no video here, however there are 3 movies represented in this picture 

Can you guess what they are?

One is a horror movie, one is a musical drama, and one is a romance movie!

So, where else are you going to get a variety show like that?

Especially one that is family friendly!!