Does your school need an assembly with a message? 
Just Becausin' delivers any message with flair, panache, music and balloons.

Here are some of the assemblies we perform, inspire, and educate!​

  • Anti-Bullying - Some states actually require anti-bullying education. Why not make it fun and memorable?
  • Buddy Bench - Everyone could use a friend. This assembly teaches the importance of caring for everyone.
  • Traditional Assembly - Sometimes you just need a regular and fun "not for any particular reason" assembly.
  • Kick Off Your Field Day - Or make Just Becausin' a major part of your field day. You'll be glad you did!
  • Kindness Week - Begin and/or end your Kindness Week with two of the kindest people you'll ever meet!
  • Reward Assemblies - Reward the students who have been kind, or raised money, or had a positive behavior.
  • Red Ribbon Week - During the last week in October (generally), celebrate the children being drug free.
  • Beginning of 2nd Semester/Mid Winter Pick-Me-Up - Motivation to keep on moving!
  • Teacher Breakfast/Lunch - Believe it or not, adults are amazed at the things we do when we perform.
  • Holiday Assemblies - Actually, one of the favorites on the agenda. We fit the assembly to the season.
  • First Day of School/Last Day of School - You get the idea!